lauren parla + ice cream sandwich


hanging out with Lauren Parla at Roberta’s #bushwick #brooklyn #carbs

Easing back into Roman life with German Riesling

24 Hours in Berlin with my bestie

Yeah I ate tacos. And then some pork My friend touched this bear Then we went to the barn for breakfast and it was great. After that we visited the pergamon museum and… Continue reading

Making rosemary gelato with #Rome’s gelato master

Highlights from this morning’s visit to Kastamonu #market in #Istambul’s Kasımpaşa

Epic lunch with my favorite foodies

Where in the world do you take 8 food bloggers and guarantee everyone leaves completely blown away? Kantin in Istanbul, of course!

Excellent dinner at Cesare al Casaletto, Rome

Milan with the fabulous Sara Rosso

Lunch at Aplonia, Lesvos